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The focus of CC Pilates

is providing movement for you - the vital, active aging individual - sometimes referred to as the Zoomer or Baby Boomer generation. Those of us who are not ready to slip into a traditional retirement lifestyle and sit quietly in a rocking chair! (if that's what you wanted to do you wouldn't be reading this).

Quality movement is essential at any age of course, but especially as we age and life starts to show up in our bodies as aches and pains from past injuries and activities. Pilates can help!

Welcome to Bones & Balance Pilates!

Allow me to help you improve your balance, increase flexibility, decrease aches and pains and build stronger muscles that will take on daily tasks easily and confidently. I will help you every step of the way to becoming stronger and more balanced.

In Studio Stuff

Health and Safety

Covid has taught us many things regarding mitigating our risk of infection not only from Covid but other communicable diseases. Therefore:

  • If you feel sick and have a fever please cancel as promptly as possible without worry about losing your session. Wearing a mask is always advisable if it's case of the sniffles.

  • If I am unwell I will cancel ASAP and reschedule when able.

  • Anytime you would like me to wear a mask just ask. I am happy to keep everyone as safe and healthy as a I can.

  • I will continue to follow the government guidelines when directed.

  •  There will be face masks available  if needed.

  • Socks, preferably non-slip are encouraged.

  • All equipment and touched surfaces will be sanitized before and after each session for your safety as well as mine.

  • Acuity scheduling is set up for your convenience on the 'Pricing' page.

  • Payments accepted by etransfer to:, cheque or cash.

  • Booking sessions - I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

  • MJ, our cat, will be around to check you out, usually from a distance. If you have a serious allergy then my home studio will not be a good option for you.

The Stott V2 Max Plus

Why CC Pilates?

I too am aging and am determined to do so with dignity and smiles.  Plus, I am genuinely interested in helping others feel better – and that’s that!  It's not about jumping around to loud music or “going for the burn”.  It's  about taking you from where you are now to a better place where you feel stronger, move easier and feel great. 

I am also specifically trained to help our aging community and have been doing so for over 10 years.  This means you know you are in good hands!!

I feel particularly confident assisting those of you who have had a TKR (total knee replacement) and are post rehab as I had both of my knees replaced in January 2021. Diligent pre-surgery exercises to build strength and maintain as much range of motion and function as possible, followed by determined  rehab as directed by my amazing Zoom physiotherapist following my surgery made for a recovery that was challenging to say the least but after years of suffering with arthritis pain it has made such a difference in my life.

Hip replacement protocol is familiar as well - my Dad as well as both brothers had a hip replaced in the past three years so I am very familiar with this aspect of joint replacement.

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